Announcing the new Clinical Labs eResults

Clinical Labs eResults has been in development for over a year, and we’re excited to announce that it’s finally here! EResults offers provide an online, secure way to view and print pathology results from any device with internet access 24 hours a day. It’s compatible with all the labs we work with, so there’s no need to change your current lab order forms or request method, and all of your patients can get their results quickly, conveniently, and privately through the Clinical Labs eResults website! Read on to learn more about Clinical Labs eResults. More Read 25th island of greece


Why is it so hard to access your patient’s lab results?

Most offices have a fax machine. It’s true, many modern practices don’t even use them anymore. However, whenever you need your patient’s lab results… there’s always that one office that does still use fax machines. That makes it hard to access your patient’s lab results when you’re on-the-go! But there is now a solution! Introducing: Clinical Labs eResults! Use your smartphone or tablet to securely sign in and get direct access to any of your patients’ recent path reports.

It doesn’t matter what type of medical provider they see (primary care, endocrinologist, etc.). Because we work with all physicians and laboratories nationwide! This will revolutionize how clinicians like yourself interact with referring providers. Now you can finally answer those pesky questions about why somebody needs medication/what kind of tests were run/when did their last appointment take place/etc., faster than ever before! All for just $10 per month and FREE for first 100 registered users (no credit card required). So what are you waiting for? More Read google pixelbook 12in


Why you should use EResults

Patients are busy and need information in a timely manner. While most labs do provide patient results through standard mail methods, many patients wait to check their mail once it is convenient for them – that could be days after their lab appointment. That’s where our secure and intuitive EResults program comes in. Patients can now log into their EResults account on any computer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to view their results while on-the-go or conveniently check when they have time from home.

No more waiting by your mailbox for your results! The average patient who uses EResults has an 80% increase in overall viewing rates over mail out reports which saves both you and your patients valuable time. Additional benefits of using EResults include: easy to use interface, immediate access to results without waiting by your mailbox. Access anywhere anytime with anytime/anywhere remote capabilities. Reduced printing costs thanks to electronic transmission of reports directly to you, convenience store functionality included at no additional cost and detailed reporting including number of views by provider/patient as well as downstream referrals initiated as a result of viewing pathology. More Read Nuneaton News


What can I do in EResults?

You can create a patient profile, check lab results, see upcoming appointments and access your health information. You can also see any medications that you take or allergies you have. This will ensure that everything is up to date when you come into our office for your appointment. While in EResults, if you are unable to find any answers to your questions about your results, do not hesitate to contact us. Our goal is to provide patients with every opportunity possible for self-care before they have an in-office visit so we have included a Click To Call button that will call our office directly from EResults.


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