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Rickey Stokes’ Injury Update

A Complete Summary of Everything We Know Thus Far : In case you missed it, Philadelphia Eagles running back Rickey Stokes is injured and may miss some time. In order to help keep everyone up-to-date with everything we know so far, we’ve put together a complete summary of all news related to his injury thus far. So without further ado, here are all things Rickey Stokes’ Injury Update: A Complete Summary of Everything We Know Thus Far.


Rickey’s son, Austin, signs with Auburn Tigers

Rickey stokes, one of America’s favorite coaches is doing well! It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anything about Rickey and his son, Austin, but today I got a phone call from him. Rickey let me know that his son, Austin has signed to play football for Auburn University. His whole family is really excited about it. He said he knows how much Austin loves football, and he was able to get him into some great schools. You go Dad!


Texas Rangers interested in Rickey Stokes?

Sources say that if Rickey Stokes becomes available, then Texas will have interest in trading for him. It remains to be seen whether they’ll be willing to part with what it would take to land him. One thing’s for sure: The Rangers are not just going to give up assets for nothing.


What does this mean for the Rangers?

It looks like Shin-Soo Choo is out for at least two weeks. That’s not good news if you’re a Rangers fan, as it puts added pressure on Josh Hamilton and Nelson Cruz to carry most of the load offensively. The bigger concern, though, is that Matt Harrison might miss even more time. Harrison pitched well against Toronto on Friday night before leaving with an injury — he’s listed as day-to-day with a back problem — but if that doesn’t get better soon then Neftali Feliz will have to start (and finish) more games.


What does this mean for Rickey?

This week was a crazy one for Rickey Stokes. His wife, Tara, has been battling breast cancer and recently learned she needs an emergency double mastectomy after finding out her cancer has spread. Rickey Stokes announced to his friends on Facebook yesterday that he will be moving out of their home while they work things out between them; you can see what fans think of his decision here! The news has shocked everyone and fans are in awe at how mature he is being about it. As for what’s next for them, who knows! We’ll have to wait and see…


Why do players sign with their hometown teams?

According to a Sports Illustrated report, more than 80% of players stay with their original team when they become free agents. And it’s not just because teams offer better financial opportunities—it’s also because players return to sign with their home team for personal reasons. An MLB player’s hometown is likely where he grew up and raised his family; returning there means reconnecting with old friends and returning to a familiar place. The study reports that most people tend to stick within their comfort zone, so playing closer to home might be easier than moving across country or overseas.


Are other players going to join Austin on Auburn football team?

The football program at Auburn is continuing to attract some of Alabama’s best prospects. The latest player to join its class of 2016 recruiting class is linebacker Rickey Stokes. The prospect out of Spanish Fort picked up an offer on Friday night. I went up there with my brother, said Stokes. My dad got us tickets for a game and afterwards I talked to Coach (Will) Muschamp and he offered me a scholarship so I committed during that visit.

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