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We Scored 5E Tools And Resources

Dungeons and Dragons 5e has been out for several years now, but the tools and resources around it have only grown as the game became more popular. There are tons of great 5e tools to make you better at the game or just make your life easier as you play it, and we’ve tracked down some of the best in this article so you don’t have to go searching through hundreds of Google results like we did! Check out our huge selection of Dungeons and Dragons 5e Tools and resources below!


Starter Kits

Whether you’re a seasoned DM or just a player with too much time on your hands, there are lots of Dungeons and Dragons starter kits to get you started. If you’re new to D&D or want to learn how to be a better Dungeon Master, check out our awesome selection of starter kits from Dungeon Masters Guild. From character sheets and maps to worksheets and cheat sheets, we offer all kinds of resources for new players and DMs alike. Looking for inspiration? We have art prints and dice bags that look like portals. You can even play D&D online with friends in real-time! The possibilities are endless when it comes to Dungeons & Dragons 5e tools. Give your players the 5e tools they need whether you’re playing online or in person.

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Dice Sets

With all of these 5e tools, it can be hard to find a good set of dice. Lucky for you, we’ve found some awesome options that range from simple and understated to detailed and stylish. While our recommendations come from many different places, we only recommend products that are personally reviewed by our reviewers as high-quality dice sets with great rolls! When you purchase these products through Amazon. You support Dungeon Master’s Workshop in two ways: 1) We earn referral fees when purchases are made; 2) Amazon gives us a small percentage of every sale they make. This allows us to continue providing our services free of charge. It also helps us buy new games to review on here!

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Play Mats

For players of all levels, gamemasters, or dungeon masters alike. A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) play mat is a must-have to get your party started in style. These mats are not just for Dungeons and Dragons though. They can be used with other games as well such as Warhammer 40k, HeroClix, Settlers of Catan and many more. Our play mats are perfect for board game night! If you do not see what you are looking for please contact us! We would love to create a custom mat for you! All of our products feature high quality materials designed to make your game night as exciting as possible!


Combat Tokens

Dragonlock Miniatures is proud to present our Combat Token line! Each token is crafted with care and attention to detail. The durable plastic used for these tokens will allow them to be used on any battlemat without fear of movement or sliding. We’ve included images that are 360×480 px, so you can use them in virtual tabletop applications as well as print them at a smaller size if desired. These tokens are all 30mm from flat edge to flat edge (1 = approx 25mm).

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