The 25th Island of Greece is Amorgos

25th island of greece has become a viral meme this week because people are likening the name Amorgos to Among Us. Among Us is an online community that allows anyone to find, share and spread their favorite memes and other trending internet news. People are likening the name Amorgos to Among Us due to the phonetic similarity in their names, which can be pronounced with similar inflections as ‘Among Us’. In Greek mythology, Amorgos was one of the Gigantes (Giants), who were defeated by the Olympian gods.


What makes this popular on social media?

There’s no other island with a similar name that would be easily associated with it on social media. This makes it stand out to people and naturally leads them to look into where it really is, which in turn creates more buzz. Many commenters have said they want to visit because their friends are talking about. It and so they now want to see what all of the fuss is about. Because these people didn’t come across it randomly and strangely, they can actually follow through since they were already interested in visiting an island called Amorgos anyway.


Why are people likening it to among us?

The name of island, Amorgos, has been associated with a meme that compares it to Among Us. The meme makes reference to a popular online game. It originated from an episode in which Aris Thessaloniki FC played against Panionios in Super League (Greece). Panionios striker Andreas Makris scored a goal after 8 minutes and 33 seconds. This moment was then recorded as 888 for Andreas on official tables and programs. Where 8 stands for A and 88 for M, standing for Amorgos. This recording has then been regarded as something amazing, when an amazing incident occurs on those specific numbers . After that many incidents happened with team Panionios during many games.


Is it really true that there’s a Greek island called Among Us?

25th Island of Greece: Yes, it’s true. Amorgos is part of a chain called Cyclades, and it lies to the southwest of its nearest neighbor (Naxos). There are 24 islands in total; it was number 25 until 1971 when Iraklia was split into two separate islands (Kythnos and Serifos). As for how these names were selected, you might be surprised to learn that many Greek place names have interesting—and sometimes embarrassing—origins.


What does amorgos mean?

According to legend, there are 24 Greek islands (Aegean Islands) that Hercules had to fight and capture in order to cleanse himself of a murder. He killed his wife’s lover while he was sleeping. The 24th island was Sfakia on Crete, where Hercules died. When you look at a map of all 24 islands, you can see that ‘Hercules’ path from Iraklion (Crete) along with all 24 islands points toward Athens—Athens being Hercules’ birthplace.


How many islands make up Greece?

There are more than 1,200 islands in Greece. According to Greeks, however, there are only Greek islands. The name island (or islands) applies only to those that have been inhabited continuously since antiquity. The definition excludes many that come close to meeting these criteria—such as Naxos. A popular tourist destination just south of Attica—as well as much-loved islands such as Santorini and Mykonos that were uninhabited until recent times. Most Greek tourists consider Crete part of Greece: some consider Rhodes and Cyprus part of Europe instead. No one will be surprised if you lump together Lesbos, Chios and Samos with Turkey!

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