The Best Ombre Nail Colors for Fall

You have probably seen the ombre nail trend on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook, but you might not know exactly what it is. Ombre nails are popular because they can be done in so many different colors and nail art techniques. Making it an easy trend to try that anyone can DIY at home! Shell nails have also been trending as of late, but if you aren’t quite sure how to get them done or how to wear them best, we have the ultimate guide for you!


Gradient nails

Those who want to try out their hand at nail art should consider using gradients. A gradient manicure simply means one color gradually fades into another, with a line of clear polish separating them. It’s an easy and quick way to add some personality to your look — especially because we’ve got so many great colors. To add a pop of shimmer, apply loose or pressed glitter over top. And remember: You don’t have to stick with reds or oranges; you can go any shade you want!


Shell Nails

What started out as an optical illusion has quickly become a nail trend. Shell nails are essentially marble nails with holes in them, and it is possible to create your own at home. Or if you’d rather shell out for a professional manicure, we found seven different versions of shell nails that will help you stay on top of your manicure game. Check them out ahead!


Marbleized Fade

So, what makes a shell manicure different from your average French tip? Well, unlike regular polish that’s painted onto your nails. Shellac polish looks like a coat of nail varnish that has been adhered to your natural nail. On top of being easy to apply and quick drying.It also means that you get all of the benefits of having fake nails without compromising on length or quality.


Sun-Kissed Manicures

With fall quickly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about transitioning your summery toes into a couple of layers of warm, fall polish. From matte polish to holographic glitter, check out our favorite ombre nail color trends for fall below. We’ve rounded up some must-try shades that will help you transition from sunny summer manis to autumnal nails in no time at all.


Floral Patterns

If you love floral patterns, consider rocking them in a more abstract way with an ombre manicure. Try your nails in bright, colorful shades of purple and pink to create a stunning effect. It’s easy to DIY if you have some nail polish (try these hot new hues), a sponge dauber (get one at any drugstore) and a couple of mixing bowls (find them at most dollar stores). For extra guidance, read our step-by-step tutorial here.


Embellished Tips

A spin on traditional ombre, shell nails feature small shells or embellishments all over your tips. To try them out, simply paint each of your nails a solid color and let dry completely. Next, use nail glue to adhere individual shells to all of your tips. In whatever pattern you choose—shells can be found at home supply stores or online.

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