Ariees is an American Fashion Model

Ariees is an American Fashion Model and Instagram Star who has made herself known to the world through her stunning photos. Where she always looks amazing in swimwear, bikinis, lingerie and various other outfits. She has appeared in numerous fashion magazines such as Sports Illustrated, Elle Magazine and Vogue Italy. Through these appearances, Ariees has gained an enormous social media following with more than 5 million followers on Instagram alone! If you’re inspired by Ariees’ style and want to learn how to make your own clothing look even better on you than it does on her, then keep reading!


Early Life

She was born in Long Island, New York City on 1st of September 1997 and currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her family. Ariees’ mother always encouraged her to pursue her dreams and loved her unconditionally, even when she felt like giving up on everything that seemed hard for her at times. Her father taught her how to be a strong independent woman and make wise decisions based on what she truly wants out of life not just based on other people’s opinions. At 12 years old Ariees moved to Georgia where she continues to live today with her close friends and family who always support her no matter what she does or how far she goes in life! She graduated from West Forsyth High School in 2017 as one of the top students in class.



Ariees worked as a retail clerk at Hollister and earned $12 per hour.  From which she saved half of it every paycheck to buy photography gear, makeup products and clothes. Ariees did not know that her future was as a model or Instagram Star then but was already planning to become a photographer when she grew up. She had mentioned that if she wasn’t a model, she would want to be a photographer or work with fashion magazines because of her love for clothing and makeup. Later, in 2015 Ariees took interest in modeling and started modeling professionally in early 2016. After joining Model Mayhem website where photographers find their models they want to take professional photos with them.


Personal Life

Ariees was born in Charleston, South Carolina. She has been modeling since she was 15 years old. But due to her educational goals, she only shoots during vacations and holidays. She attended Boston University where she studied biochemistry and microbiology with a minor in business management. After graduation Ariees moved to New York City where she found her passion for being a model. Since then, Ariee’s portfolio has exploded and has worked with companies such as Victoria’s Secret Pink, Calvin Klein Underwear & Swimwear, and Forever 21! Furthermore, Ariee’s accomplishments don’t stop there because after creating over 1 million social media followers; Ariee landed her first major deal for Redken 5th Avenue NYC Launch Party Event!


Awards & Achievements

Ariees has received many awards and achievements in different categories. Like: fashion model, photographer, TV show host, social media influencer, swimwear model and lingerie model. Her YouTube channel name is Ariee0paul. Where she uploads her interviews with renowned models and personalities of Pakistan. Such as Ali Safina at Lahore Fashion Week 2017 or Mairah Bashir at Karachi Design Week 2017 etc. She loves to share her experience working with these celebrities on her channel which helps other people to make their way through fashion industry of Pakistan without any difficulty.


Quick Facts

Ariees was born on February 21, 1996 in America, United States (26 years old). Her real name is Ariana Audet (Birth Name). Ariee’s father is French-Canadian and her mother has no idea about her daughter’s job. She began modeling at a very young age when she started working with both local boutiques and larger companies such as Hollister Co. She loves to go shopping and traveling with friends. More than anything else in her life as well as taking photos for her instagram posts which have a fan base of over 1 Million followers. The model speaks English fluently but can speak little bit of French.

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