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The Nuneaton News provides the latest updates and opinions on what’s happening in Nuneaton, England, United Kingdom and the rest of the world from the perspective of locals, business owners, and other stakeholders in the community. This page lists all recent news articles posted on our website and includes brief descriptions of each news story to give you an idea of the type of information you can expect to find when you read further. If you like our stories and want to learn more about your local area, be sure to check out our contact page so we can help keep you informed of all the latest developments.


Introduction to Nuneaton

Are you looking for a local, trusted source of information about Nuneaton? Look no further than your Nuneaton news website. With regular updates on local council meetings, league tables, and crime reports in and around your area, there’s never been a better time to learn more about what’s happening near you. Whether you’re relocating or just curious to know more about your neighborhood, be sure to visit our site often! As always, we welcome comments and questions below! -The Nuneaton News Staff


Local Life

The Nuneaton News is a local news provider that can tell you everything you need to know about what’s happening in your city. If you’re looking for recipes, entertainment or something more serious like politics, they have it covered. You can even find out how local restaurants and businesses are doing, as well as coverage of big events taking place across your city. Don’t miss out on all their daily content by visiting their website. The team here at My5 also publish great content which we think you’ll love. We cover anything from beauty tips to new TV series recommendations—all of which we consider to be pretty relevant information if you live in Nuneaton. If there’s anything else you’d like us to write about, please get in touch via Facebook . Thank you!


Business and Economy

A new business hub has been launched for Nuneaton, following an announcement by The Prince of Wales that he will be opening a new national business and enterprise centre in Warwickshire. Last week, Prince Charles unveiled plans to create a £15m national Business and Enterprise Centre in Leamington Spa. The scheme forms part of his organisation’s Start Small, Think Big campaign. This is set to benefit SMEs across Britain through workshops on finance, HR and marketing.


Living in Nuneaton

What’s On: Whether you’re looking for what to do in Nuneaton or some information on our local business scene, look no further than our What’s On listings. From performances at The Belgrade Theatre to exhibitions at Chantry Arts Centre and movies shown at Odeon Cinema. There are plenty of things to see and do in your local area. For more suggestions of places to visit and things to do in Nuneaton, we recommend checking out our Leisure Guide.


Sport in Nuneaton

When it comes to sport, there are plenty of options in and around Nuneaton, be it a competitive sport like football or rugby. Or something a little more relaxed like a round of golf. Whatever your personal tastes and preferences might be, you’ll find something for everyone here in Nuneaton. Check out our guide to sports for more information on where to play. And don’t forget to bookmark our local business directory so that you can get your car serviced before you hit the fairways! For those who prefer their action on screen. Films are shown at both Vue Cinema and Cineworld. With tickets priced at as little as £4.50 for adults during off-peak times.

Other popular activities include bowling (at Staverton Bowling Centre), skateboarding (which is permitted at Castle Park) and horse riding lessons (available at Bishop Percival School). Alternatively, why not visit one of Nuneaton’s museums? Our museums offer an insight into life across decades past—and many also host regular themed events too!


What’s On in Nuneaton

The best way to find things to do in Nuneaton is to keep up-to-date with what’s on in your area. Take a look at our calendar of events. Which details every event and activity coming up in town over the next month or so. You’ll be able to see how much things cost and even book tickets online if you choose. If you can’t find what you want on our calendar, try one of these other methods for finding out about events near you

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