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Biggest stories from around the world

I’m not sure what our bigger stories are, but we get a lot of people visiting us from India and Russia, so I’d like to think that means we have an audience there. We also get a lot of traffic from various parts of Africa and Brazil. It’s been an interesting experience learning how people interact with news around different parts of the world. It’s eye-opening, too—it makes you realize just how big of a job it is to keep on top of things if you only watch mainstream media. Given all those other sources out there (some reliable; some completely bogus), it seems almost irresponsible to trust one source or even follow only one story line. Fubar News is here for anyone who wants more information about global affairs than what appears on their Facebook feed or local evening news program.

Biggest stories from around New York

New York continues to be a hotbed of activity. If you haven’t been keeping up with all that’s happening, here are some highlights. 1) Jack Dorsey is named permanent CEO: Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is taking on an expanded role at Twitter as part of a new appointment, announced by current CEO Dick Costolo today. The board has also appointed former head of PayPal David Marcus to take over product management at Square. 2) Cops Fired for using social media: Two NYPD officers were fired Tuesday after they got into an argument on Facebook about one cop’s girlfriend being in an anti-police protest, reports NBC New York.


Biggest stories from around Buffalo

WGRZ Channel 2 was at an elementary school to report on a drug bust that had just taken place. WIVB Channel 4 also covered it but from a different angle. Meanwhile, our very own Fubar team covers everything else that’s going on around Buffalo including FUBAR news about weather, sports and local events in WNY. How cool is that?

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