6 Best Bidet Converter Kits & Attachments

Bidet Converter Kit: Who needs toilet paper where you can find a cheap, comfortable, friendly way with trees, and clean to clean after using the toilet? Beds are bathroom fixtures that supply water for cleaning when finished. And even better, these days you can get a kit to convert an existing toilet bidet, which saves the need to go in or remodel your bathroom. In addition, you will find bidet conversion kits are easy to fit and save, saving you the need for plumbing or remodeling.

Initially, bidets were common in the Eastern part of the world. However, over the years, bidets have also become more popular in western countries and in other regions. They provide a thorough cleaning experience, which makes them a better alternative than toilet paper.

Although full bidet installed near your toilet is usually very expensive and may require additional bathrooms. On the other hand, a bidet conversion kit, also known as bidet extensions, are items that you can install in your bathroom instead of a full bidet. Bidet conversion kits are easy to install and come at an affordable price.

Keep reading, as we explore why you should consider a bidet conversion kit and some of the best bidet conversion kits that will make you say goodbye to your toilet paper for good. More Read google pixelbook 12in


Why should you consider a bidet conversion kit

Bidets conversion kits are an excellent choice for many reasons. Easy to install, easy, and best of all, you can end up buying hundreds of toilet paper rolls.

Bidets are environmentally friendly

Studies show that about 27,000 trees are felled to meet the daily needs of our use of toilet paper.

If you want to contribute to the planet’s survival, bidet is a good place to start. You can use a little or no toilet paper with bids, which protects our trees. It also means the small plastic used by manufacturers to wrap toilet paper rolls and less power to process trees into toilet trucks.

Bidets are expensive

We do not realize it, but we spend a lot of money on toilet paper every year. Investing in a bidet can help you save on buying thousands of toilet paper all year round. Also, in case of a shortage, you will not have to worry about checking the sheet or the final roll.

Bidets are free to use

Bids come with additional features that make your private feel more comfortable than your standard toilet seat. From hot seats to massage skills and other features.

Also, many toilet paper products are scratched and dry which makes your skin vulnerable to damage over time. With bidets, you will not have to worry about the inconvenience of toilet paper. You can clean it using a gentle stream.

Attachment kits are best converted to an electric bidet

Electric bidet conversion kits provide additional features that require battery power. For extra comfort and advanced hygiene in this section, you’ll find a list of easy-to-install attachments with power pumps, hot seats, and drying functions. More Read 25th island of greece


  1. I-Bio Bidet USPA 6800U Adjustable Bidet Toilet Seat

Type: Electronic bidet toilet seat

Features: Wireless remote control, dual nozzle, warm air dryer, night light, adjustable pressure, soft seat lock


Imagine controlling your toilet seat by tapping a button? This electric bidet is a great combination of luxury and luxury. Its wireless two-dimensional remote control helps you control a wide range of tasks, from cleaning to drying and much more. This model from Bio Bidet comes with a warm air dryer, deodorizer, user pre-setup, and automatic wash for effective cleaning.

It also has a constipation function that frees up Iema enema and much more. IT even has a built-in deodorizer to remove 99% unwanted odors. Bio Bidet offers a 3 year warranty from the date you purchase this toilet seat.

Customers say that this bidet conversion kit is easy to install and highly customizable.


An excellent electronic bidet shower chair is clean with a variety of shower options

What makes this bid from Bio Bidet different is its two purifiers. You can change the position of the nozzle and run it in different bath methods, from low water pressure to high pressure using a single remote. These bidet seats come with bubbling technology that gives you a comfortable clean. More Read Brooke Daniells


  1. Inus R32 Electric Bidet

Type: Electric bidet seat

Features: Heating chair, wireless remote control, self-cleaning microphone, adjustable water temperature, warm air dryer, night light


Made with a sterile water system, you can enjoy warm water instantly without waiting for the heat. These electric bids come with a range of luxury features, including a self-cleaning stainless steel nozzle to improve your hygiene.

You can easily adjust your water pressure in five different levels. You can also adjust the temperature of the hot seat to three different levels. This is especially helpful in the morning or winter. It also has a night light for a night trip to the bathroom.

Air dryer also eliminates the need for tissue paper, as it comes with five levels of warm air — the remote wireless controls all activities in this bidet seat.


Curved design for comfortable position

This bidet seat comes with a unique curved design that enhances comfortable posture while using the toilet. It also helps to keep your bathroom clean for a long time and saves you the bathroom.

The seat sensor allows this bidet to operate only when seated. The brand receives a full five-star rating and excellent reviews from their customers. More Read College dorm parties


  1. TOTO Washlet Electronic Bidet

Type: Electronic bidet toilet

Features: Heat seat, air dryer, deodorizer, control panel, automatic power storage


This soft but powerful electronic bidder comes with a water spray, warm adjustable water, and a dual action spray with nozzle oscillation cleaning option.

The heated seat provides constant warmth over a full range. The air deodorizer comes with a carbon filter that eliminates odor. A warm adjustable dryer makes it easier for you to clean after using the toilet. The toilet bowl has a PREMISS cleaning feature that reduces the cleaning times of your toilet.


Electronic bidet seat

TOTO claims to be one of the largest pipeline manufacturers in the world. WASHLET is a high-tech electronic bidet made by TOTO, which you can easily fit in your existing toilet seat. WASHLET has an adjustable spray that allows you to clean using warm water. Easy to set up and comes with a DIY installation guide.

The best bidet conversion kits are non-electric

Non-electric bidet kits use the pressure of the water coming out of your pipes to do all the work. It avoids complexity, and often, part of the cost, these more precise attachments make the work done with steel and whistles. More Read Nuneaton News


  1. GenieBidet – Back and Female Attachment Ultra Thin Toilet

Type: Non-electric bidet seat

Features: Self-cleaning feature, dual microphone, back, and women’s cleaning


This bidet conversion kit comes with a bidet attachment that stays firmly in your current toilet seat. This means you don’t have to worry about that unpleasant feeling of slipping away from your toilet seat because of the rim shape of your toilet bowl.

This kit comes with two separate cleaning pads for the back and for women. You can also adjust your spray from a soft to strong water system with a simple twist on the pin. It is easy to install and has no electricity, which means it is safe from any type of cable accident.

Best non-electric bidder attachment with hybrid T connector to prevent leakage and damage

With the hybrid T connector you can use between your toilet tank and bidet, you do not need to worry about damage or leaks, especially during installation. With the easy on / off option, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can turn off the water supply to prevent your children or guests from getting caught in the bidet knob.

Customers say that this bidet is easy to install and has additional features that make it more comfortable and clean than toilet paper. More Read Makitah


  1. Greenco Attachment Sprayer – Non-Electric Bidet

Type: Electric bidet sprayer

Features: main water supply adapter, flexible nozzle location


You can enjoy extra comfort and cleanliness with this easy-to-use, high quality bidet kit.

The toilet seat comes with a water spray made of high quality stainless steel. Adjustable spray has an easy-to-access control panel to adjust water pressure to any level you choose.

The bidet seat attachment makes it easy to turn your mouth into any angle for better cleaning experience. Customers claim that this bidet fits snugly in their seat and gives them a high-quality feel.


Easy bidet conversion kit

One thing customers say about this bidet kit is that it is very easy to install. You can install your own within a few minutes, thanks to the accessories and detailed instructions that come with it. The kit comes with a large water supply adapter, a 34 ’’ pipe hose, a rubber wash, and two adapter washers for easy and proper installation. No special tools required.


  1. SAMODRA Ultra-Slim Bidet Attachment

Type: Non-electric bid

Features: Very thin design, nozzle nozzle, T adapter, woven steel pipe


Say goodbye to toilet paper bills with this bidet conversion kit. This bidet comes with an upgraded interior made of copper valve and a copper water intake. Fit and has a cold water pipe attached to the metal with a copper T-type adapter.

The design is ultra-slim, and the manufacturer claims that the bidet is 60% thinner than most bidides. This minimalist design is compatible with a standard two-piece bathroom and will fit perfectly without gaps.

The copper water inlet connects with the copper valve to form a solid structure. It also reduces the risk of water leakage and increases the service life of the bidet. Also, a closed metal hose avoids any breakage that may result from high water pressure.

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Multi-functional features to make it easier for you

You can easily swap this bidder left or right to control water pressure. This is especially helpful for older adults or if you have children. The retractable pipe extends to the ground to spray the water. It also automatically decreases in its position when closed.

The brand also has a simple DIY installation guide which means you don’t have to spend money on finding a plumber. If you experience any problems with your bidet, the product type provides after-sales support and an 18-month warranty.

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