How to Choose the Perfect Shower Standing Handle for Your Home

What are the different types of shower standing handles? There are two types of shower handles, one with a suction cup attachment and one that is secured by screwing into your shower wall. Each type has its own pros and cons. You will want to consider how you want to attach the handle before you choose which one you want to buy. Ultimately, it’s up to your preference and what will work best in your bathroom.


A Very Brief History of Bathroom Shower Standing Handles

If you ask your parents or grandparents, they’ll probably tell you that shower handles were a fixture in bathrooms long before there was even such a thing as indoor plumbing. They may even remind you of those old-timey faucets attached to a pipe that they still have in their own bathroom – today, these faucets are more commonly known as shower standing handles. These days, shower handles are more commonly found in public bathrooms than residential ones; however, if you’re looking to improve your home’s aesthetics and overall comfort level (not to mention make it easier on yourself), then shower standing handles could be just what you need. So how do you choose them? Let us help!


The Importance of Shower Standing Handles

Installing a shower standing handle can help you lead a more independent lifestyle, without needing assistance every time you need to get into or out of your shower. If you’re worried about safety, your doctor will be happy to know that standing handles in showers have been proven effective at preventing falls in elders. More often than not, they have been shown to reduce injurious falls by as much as 74%. Of course, installing these handles should only be done after consulting with your doctor and an expert plumber. They aren’t appropriate for all injuries, but if yours is severe enough, it could make all of the difference in your independence. The most important factor when selecting a handle is choosing one that fits with your physical condition and needs.


Things To Consider When Buying New Shower Handles

How you want your shower handles to look. What material will best suit your décor? Do you want brass, brushed nickel, chrome or another type of handle? These are some things you will have to consider before buying new shower handles. You also need to think about how they will be used. If you use them a lot it might be a good idea to get good quality handles. If they’re not that important and are only used for show then a cheaper option is fine but make sure you are happy with their appearance as there is no point spending money on something if it’s not going to work properly and last long.


Things To Consider When Remodeling an Existing Bathroom with New Handles

There are many factors that come into play when remodeling an existing bathroom with new handles. Handles can have either a single or double handle, and there is a wide variety of styles available. Decide which type you prefer, if you want something classic or contemporary. If you want chrome or colored finishes and if it will be used on a shower or bath tub handle. This information will help you choose what finish and style is best suited to your home’s style. Next, consider where in your home you would like to put them. Do they go in a newly remodeled bathroom? A guest bath? Where are they going to go?



HOW DO THEY WORK? Unlike handheld shower heads, which are attached directly to a flexible hose and nozzle, shower standing handles are typically affixed or mounted permanently onto a wall. They have only one handle or lever (hence their name) that controls a variety of functions, including water temperature and pressure levels, as well as on/off and full-function modes. As you pull up on the handle, more water flows through with greater force. Let go of it and less comes out (or no water at all in some models). Stand-alone handles can be installed anywhere along your shower’s tiled wall: from floor to ceiling near your tub faucet’s spout; below an existing hand-held head; or near where your glass doors meet.



One of your first choices should be whether you want a detachable or fixed shower handle. A detachable one can give you extra space if need be, but is often considered more dangerous and easy to break. Detachable handles also have their advantages; they’re generally more affordable and easier to install. Fixed handles are usually made of metal or wood, with fancy versions usually costing quite a bit more than those found in hardware stores. They provide a timeless look and also take up less space than detachable ones; however, as mentioned above, it may be hard to replace them if anything goes wrong. Still unsure about what kind of shower standing handle you want? Browse our guide! It will help you decide what would suit your home best in terms of style and functionality. More Read google pixelbook 12in



The most important aspect to keep in mind when purchasing a shower standing handle is positioning. This will help you make sure that your hands won’t be too close or too far away from your body while washing. It will also help make sure that if there are children or adults in your home who need assistance bathing. They won’t have any issues grasping and holding onto them as well. If you can’t seem to decide on how far apart you want them placed. Here are some general guidelines: -18-24 inches apart for adults -12-15 inches apart for smaller children and those with arthritis



How much weight can a standing handle hold? The answer will vary from one model to another, and there are a number of factors that affect that limit. First, it’s important to note that if you exceed a shower handle’s safe weight capacity you may put yourself and your family at risk of slipping or falling. In fact, each year more than 20,000 people in American die from slip-and-fall injuries sustained at home (Center for Disease Control).



Permanent standing handles, made of metal or plastic, are fixed directly onto your shower wall. The advantage is that they don’t rely on your tiles and grout to stay in place, so installation is a relatively quick process. However, permanent handles can look out of place with older tile designs and could get damaged if you’re not careful when opening and closing your shower door. Make sure any permanent handle is well-secured before installing it yourself. If you’re worried about being able to lift yourself over a permanent handle, consider adding a hand rail along one side as well; these are usually available as an extra option at bathroom supply stores.

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