How dedicated proxies work for you?

A dedicated proxy would perform the role of a getaway between your server and the internet. When you try to use a dedicated proxy and want access to a restricted website first, the proxy server will receive your request and allow it, so you will be able to work further. It is how dedicated proxies work for you.

Define proxy

When you don’t want to show your real identity to the world or get access to a website that has been restricted from you, you will use a server that will coat your real IP address to get the access. Yes, that server is the proxy that you would use to do whatever you want over the internet without revealing your true identity and IP address.

Why do people prefer using dedicated proxies?

Why do people prefer using dedicated proxies? Following are the benefits that you will enjoy if you also start using dedicated proxies:

1. To hide your real identity

When you use a proxy server to surf the websites, your IP address will get hidden under the layers of the proxy IP address. There is no way any other website will see you and your IP address. You will stay hidden. So whenever you want to use the internet without showing your real identity, a dedicated proxy would work for you.

A dedicated proxy would change your IP address with a trusted one, so you don’t have to face any problems once you start using a proxy

2. Now, more firewalls and restrictions

If your business or job requires you to mine data from different websites, but you know there will be restrictions and firewalls if you keep mining data using your IP address, a proxy would help you. There will be no restrictions and firewalls if your IP address changes.

You can do as much data mining as possible, and your real IP address won’t get detected. So, you will be doing safe data mining. You can upload as much stuff as you want on social media handles where you face restrictions if you use and upload stuff. While using proxies, this won’t happen at all.

3. To deal with Geo-restrictions

If you live in the US and want access to a website in India, how will you get access if a Geo-restriction has been applied to the website? Yes, this happens many times that only the local user will be able to get access to a specific website. So, if you don’t live in India, you won’t be able to get access.

The only solution to this problem would be to use a dedicated residential proxy that would change your US IP address with local ones, and you will get access to that specific website. Yes, there would be no Geo-restriction when using a dedicated residential proxy.

4. Enhanced privacy against any threat

Nowadays, the rate of scams and hacking has increased to a threatening level. So, the internet is not a safe place for anyone anymore. When you browse the internet using your IP address, you have exposed yourself to every person on the internet. If someone is a pro-level hacker, they will be able to get into your system by hacking your IP address, and you might not even notice anything about it.

Your personal information will get stolen in this case. The only way to keep yourself and your IP address secured from those scammers and hackers would be to start using a dedicated proxy. Yes, the proxy will cover your real identity with a fake one, so no one will be able to gain access to your IP address.

5. For limitless web scraping

If you try to lead and manage all of your social media accounts for the marketing purpose from your IP address and the browser might lead you to the suspension of your social media handles. It will get frustrating if you try to manage those accounts using different browsers and IP addresses.

A dedicated IP will help you in this crucial situation because it will allow you to use all your social media handles for marketing from a single IP address that won’t be used without getting banned. So, you will be able to handle marketing easily.

The final word

Now you might have understand how dedicated proxies will be able to benefit you in various ways. There is no other solution if you want to do anything from the above points. Only a proxy server would be able to help you. So, if you want to stay safe while using a proxy, you should go for the dedicated proxy option. Make sure that you get the services from a reliable source so you will not have to deal with any issues in the long terms. Keep your online surfing secure from intruders for your own safety.

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