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What we did today

Today we launched our newest product Fubar News, a way to provide you with updates on our newest releases, exclusive interviews and more. We have also been working hard to fix some bugs from last week’s release, which no easy task is considering what it takes to fix them. If you haven’t tried Fubar Sports or our new game Knight’s Quest we suggest you try one of those too!


What you should know today

Headlines you shouldn’t miss from today’s top sources. Keep up with current events on a wide range of topics—from politics to tech, sports to entertainment, culture to weather—with CNN’s Headlines You Should Know newsletter delivered every morning Monday through Friday. Sign up here. (Note: you may also receive our Weekend Today newsletter on Saturdays.)


Featured articles

  1. What are hot trends? 2. Which new drug will be released onto an unsuspecting public, with disastrous consequences? 3. Is it getting harder to run a business these days? 4. Should you put nutritional information on packages? 5. What is Trump doing about his conflicts of interest 6? Will climate change cost us our jobs 7. Is there a way to solve global warming without hurting business 8: Are we being told everything about guns 9: How safe is global warming 10: A new kid enters Disneyland 11: Setting rules 12: more posts coming soon!!!!


Random posts

Things to do on a rainy day: Funny, weird, silly or downright weird… Rainy days are perfect to play games with friends. Think silly string wars, water balloons, or coloring books. Watch movies: Looking for something new? Look no further than our movie database. With thousands of titles at your fingertips, rainy day fund just got better. Cool down: Hot summer days have been great up until now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep cool during rainy weather. Fireplaces are fantastic tools to create a relaxing space indoors, but be sure that you’re using an efficient fireplace damper or metal-screen chimney cap to prevent smoke from escaping into other rooms or even outside when it’s raining hard.


What’s New?

Get all of today’s most important stories here. Whether its politics, sports, or entertainment, you’ll find plenty to keep you informed on Fubar News. We’ll also keep you up-to-date on everything that matters over a good game of football (that’s soccer to Americans) via live scores on our scoreboard section. So click around, read up, and come back again tomorrow to see what’s new in your world.

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