10 Best Tips for Creating a Great Travel Video

Travel is a phenomenal experience that opens one to new experiences, culture, food, and stunning landscape. Documenting stories from the road and turning them into an engaging travel video is a great way to showcase your journey. Do you want to start a travel vlog? Or do you want to create travel documents? Consistent effort and decoding the recipe for creating impressive travel videos. It is not easy to begin with, but over time, the process of travel video creation has become easy and convenient. So, before you want to step into the journey of travel video making or upgrade the content quality, here are some proven tips for creating amazing travel videos.

  1. Decide on your niche

Travel videos are of different types, and it is critical to decide your niche and category of travel video you want to create. Be specific on what kind of videos you want to create. Make sure to pick a niche that interests you and retain the audience’s interest. Be sure of what you want to do because that is the only way to create great travel videos consistently.

  1. Watch tons of travel videos

Once you have decided on the kind of travel video you want to make, it is important to develop the right skills. The best way to learn and implement the skills in the travel videos is by watching tons of videos. Experts’ videos help provide the necessary inspiration to start making your travel videos. You learn various techniques and formats as you watch more travel videos. It allows you to take inspiration from others while experimenting and creating your style.

  1. Choose the right camera

Choosing the right camera equipment and gear is crucial before starting the process of creating videos. It is critical to choose the right camera which suits your travel requirement:

  • You can start with a smartphone camera if you do not have an expensive camera. It is perfect for creating short-form travel videos.
  • The DSLR or mirrorless camera is a great option for a cinematic look and clarity. It enhances the quality and clarity of the videos with the advantage of better editing.
  • An action camera is perfect for on-the-go recording and is good for shooting in adverse weather conditions. It is great for shooting while riding or from unique angles.
  • A drone camera is perfect for shooting from a bird’s eye view. It gives the view from the top and a rich, cinematic experience.
  1. Work on the camera settings

It is important to know the camera settings and how to use them for shooting from different perspectives. Keeping the camera settings ready in advance saves a lot of time and streamlines the recording process. Before starting the trip, experiment with the camera settings and know what to use to get great results.

  1. Plan the shooting well

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not planning the shooting. As a video creator, it is necessary to plan the shoot sequence. It helps to make videos that are engaging and follow a particular pattern. Plan the shoot and pack all the gear or accessories that might be necessary for capturing the shots. Also, plan the sequence and know what you want to show your audience.

  1. Use a story angle to shoot

An engaging storytelling travel videos help engage more people and attract their attention. It is not easy to come up with a story, but a little bit of research helps in creating one. Storytelling can be about showing various cultures, unique rituals, beliefs, etc., step-by-step. Another important aspect is to add human elements like close-up shots, which gives a more personal and humanised experience. It helps viewers connect and relate and hence makes it more interactive. One of the coolest ways to do this is by writing a script for the travel video and shooting accordingly.

  1. Diversify the shots

Monotonous shots make the video boring and non-engaging. Experimenting and diversifying the shots are crucial to making the video interesting. A good way to do it is to reduce the self-presence in the video and make it more about the journey, people, and experience. Shoot the videos from different angles, picture transitions and take the shots, capture videos from different angles, capture golden light hours etc. The more the shots are diversified, the more interesting it becomes to put together the content into a final project. Another way to add some diversity is by adding motion to the videos and capturing a few things in their raw mode.

  1. Use the right editing tool

There are tons of video editing tool, which have made the process of editing videos easy and efficient. No matter how you shoot, editing plays a dominant role in putting together the video in an interesting manner. A good video editor website has tons of in-built features which help with colour correction, trimming, repositioning, transitions etc., to edit the video clips and put them together. Make sure to use the right background music to make it impressive.

  1. Connect shots in a meaningful way

Once you have decided on the editing tool, it is crucial to piece together all the shots in a connecting and meaningful way. Before starting the editing process, arrange and organise all the video clips to make them easy to edit and put together. Create a folder, arrange the video shots in order, edit, and put them together. Add transitions and filters whenever required but avoid doing it extensively.

  1. Export in High quality

Once the editing is complete, ensure you export the final travel video in the highest quality. While editing, it is okay to reduce the resolution for speedier editing, but once the editing is complete, save it or export it in the highest quality. Convert the file from the online video editor and avoid compressing it as it retards the quality. Once the export is complete, it is time to share the travel video across various platforms for getting engagement.


Travel videos have gained immense popularity in the past few years. An engaging and informative travel video brings out stories from the road and connects the experience with people. However, creating a travel video requires certain skills and the ability to create a story or a sequence. Travel video creation has become a full-time job for many people and is a great way to earn passive income. Perfecting the art and skill of travel video making requires time, consistency, and willingness to learn. The following are the best tips to improve the game of travel video creation.

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