Using Thinning Shears: Dos and Don’ts for Beginners

Thinning Shears: If you have extremely thick hair, then you might be wondering what steps you can take to thin it out while retaining your favorite style. Often times, hairstylists will add layers as a means of thinning the hair out, but this can also significantly alter the look. For those who want thinner tresses without the drama, there’s the option of using thinning scissors. Which are ideal for removing bulk from the hair without changing the overall style.

Your hairstylist can finish your next cut with a pair of thinning shears. But many people invest in their own thinning scissors they can use as needed between cuts.

DO Use on Dry Hair

If you’re thinking about using thinning shears on your own hair or somebody else. Keep in mind that they should always be used on completely dry hair. Using them on damp or even wet hair can lead to you removing much more hair. Than you want to because wet hair tends to clump together.

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DON’T Use on Curly/Wavy Hair

Another precaution to keep in mind when using thinning shears. Is they should generally not be used on extremely coiled, curly, or wavy hair. Unfortunately, thinning out this type of hair using shears can cause hair of this type to “poof” or frizz out. Generally, the best option for those with excessively wavy or curly hair is to have layers added in order to thin it out and reduce weight.

DO Sharpen Shears as Need

Start with a quality pair of thinning shears and keep them maintained. The most important aspect of keeping thinning shears maintained is keeping the blade sharpened, which you can do manually with a sharpening kit. Over time, the blade will become dull, which can lead to poor cuts and even damage to the hair. The nice thing about thinning shears is that they only contain one blade (the other side is a comb-like device), so they’re relatively quick and easy to sharpen.

DON’T Overuse Thinning Shears

If you decide to thin out your hair using thinning scissors, keep in mind that moderation is key. You should only use thinning shears occasionally. Otherwise, your hair will gradually become too thin and your overall style will lose definition. When in doubt, ask your stylist if he or she thinks you could benefit from using thinning shears on your hair.

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