5 Tips for Organizing Your Wardrobe

Wardrobe: A disorganized closet does more than create a mess. If you’re met with disorganization, clutter and confusion every time you open your closet doors it will eventually lead to stress. Clutter and mess in the home, including closets with doors that close, contributes toward stress. Aside from causing you to be late because you can’t find things, the way clutter and mess encroach on your space makes it difficult to relax and enjoy your downtime. Make life a lot easier and less stressful for yourself by incorporating some of these tips to organize your wardrobe. In addition to finding an outfit more easily, you’ll also have more time to enjoy.

1. Divide and Conquer

Remove everything from your closet and divide all of your garments into three piles, one for keeping, one for throwing out and the other for giving away. Although this step sounds easy, it’s a rather difficult one for many people who tend to hold onto things for sentimental reasons. But if you haven’t worn that favorite t-shirt from college in five years you’re probably not going to wear it ever again. If you’re handy or crafty, you can probably repurpose beloved garment items into a quilt or pillow cover. But if you’re not, it’s better to give or throw them away. Someone out there might have much better use for the clothes you’re not wearing. The general rule is that if you haven’t worn it in two years it’s time to give it away.

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2. Install a Closet Organizer

Closet organizers don’t have to be complicated and you shouldn’t have to be a home improvement expert to install one. Many home good stores have various closet organizing units that simply hang from the main rod in the closet or sit on the floor and upper shelf. Choose the organizers that are easiest for you so you can install and use them right away. If you’re put off by the complexity of a closet organizing system it’s likely to become another piece of clutter sitting in the room.

3. Store Clothing With Similar Garments

After you install your closet organizer, it’s time to put your clothing back in. Store garments with like garments. Place folded sweaters in a hanging sweater bag with shelf compartments. Hang pants together, and do the same with dresses, skirts and shirts. Organize your shoes in the same area and leave a space for important accessories such as belts and scarves. You can take your closet organization one step further by hanging each clothing category by colors to make it easier to find clothes when you’re putting together an outfit.

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4. Remove Out-of-Season Attire

Avoid taking up much-needed space with clothing you won’t be wearing for another several months. When winter is over, fold up your sweaters and store them away in an airtight storage box. Do the same with summer attire, once the summer season is over. If you’re not likely to wear a garment for a few months, it’s better to store it elsewhere so the rest of your clothing has room to hang in the closet without being smashed together.

5. Important Things at Eye Level

An organized closet is only helpful if you can find the important things you need. Keep garments and accessories you frequently use at eye level. This makes it much easier to find them when you want to put an outfit together. If you have some clothing items stores in boxes, label the boxes so you know what’s inside. Even if the boxes are made of clear plastic this makes the process of finding things much quicker and easier.

Once your wardrobe and closet are organized, keep it that way by putting things away in the space you’ve designated for them. Don’t allow old habits to creep back in, leading to clothes on the closet floor and dresses mixed in with the pants. Being organized is much easier if you work on it daily. Maintaining an organized space is much easier and less time-consuming than giving your closet a complete overhaul once each season. Once you’ve used these tips to get your wardrobe into shape, you can easily keep it that way by taking a few minutes to maintain your hard work and organization.

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