How To Look Young, The Daily Ritual

Want to learn the secret to looking young, how to look young?  From deep inside the Himalayas the secret to looking young was discovered by a British solider, named Colonel Bradford, at the end of the 19th century.  He learned them while staying at a Tibetan Monastery and was personally taught by the Dalai Lama.  These exercises were brought home by Colonel Bradford. And he had learned that they had been practiced by the Monks for thousands of years so they could live long healthy lives.

These exercises form a secret almost too good to be true. They can help you look an amazing 30 years younger by working for 10 minutes every day for 10 weeks.  The secret can remove wrinkles, restore your hair color, improve your memory, correct your eyesight. And super-charge your energy, strength, and virility.  In fact, it has been said that this secret can turn you into a 25-year-old again and that is how to look young.  That is a strong claim but one that is not made lightly.  Thousands of people follow this method including Martin Sheen and John Gray and both claim it is responsible for their youthful appearance.

The Secret of How to Look Young

Colonel Bradford had served in India and at every post. Every place he visited he was told of an ancient monastery deep inside of Tibet where the monks had found “The Fountain of Youth.”  A place where, “Old men had visited and mysteriously regained health and strength, vigor and virility shortly after entering a certain monastery. But where this particular place was none seemed exactly to know.”

In his old age, and in failing health, the Colonel vowed to his friend, Peter Kelder, to find the monastery.  When Peter Kelder saw the Colonel again, 5 years later, he was astonished at the transformation.  From an old man, stooped and with grey hair into a young man with rich brown hair. A smooth and fresh complexion, no longer stooped, he was energetic, strong, virile, and very happy.  He was 72 and most people guessed his age at 38.


The Secret to Looking Young

The Colonel explained to Kelder that the secret was a series of five easy movements. Practiced 10 minutes every day that practically anyone can perform regardless of their age.  They must be done every day in a precise movement hence they are a ritual.

Peter Kelder wrote “The Eye of Revelation” which detailed the rituals and how they seemed to magically transform and make anyone both look and feel better.  The work was published in 1939 and received critical acclaim. But the work has been out of print for many years. And until recently it was believed that every copy had been lost. But not long ago a copy was found and people began practicing and. Again seeing the great benefits of the Five Rituals in a short time.

So, how long do the Five Rituals take to see results?

As Colonel Bradford explained it takes only ten minutes a day and you will see your first results within a week.  After ten weeks you will see a most dramatic change and you will literally feel like you are 25 again.  You will also gain the other benefits the Colonel stated: improved memory, enhanced eyesight, greater energy, and virility.

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