GOOD Matchmakers have been bringing people together for a long time. They look at every detail of what you desire in a partner and then match you with someone you would like. Matchmakers are highly intuitive and it takes years of experience to become a great matchmaker. 

Matchmaking requires a multi-talented and skilled matchmakers who knows how to handle their emotions and be gentle with the client, they are a people person who loves partying and going out on trips with friends, they are charming and friendly, and they should be good at reading people’s mind and at times they have to be a therapist for some of their clients. It is not easy to do all this with a lot of pressure. Matchmakers also need some resources and help to do this much work. It feels strange how a complete stranger can find your match, so here are some secrets of matchmakers and how they find your matches.

  • Matchmakers take help from Dating apps: Unfortunately, people are more into online dating apps than dating offline. Online dating apps are very popular among young people and it is the easiest way to find a life partner. Matchmakers find matches for their clients with the help of dating apps and sites. They often put their client’s profiles on dating apps to find a match who they think would find chemistry with. 


Most of the clients who hire matchmakers are rich CEOs or high profile job holders or celebrities who usually don’t have time for using dating apps so they tell matchmakers to do all this work for them. They pay a very good amount to matchmakers so matchmakers put their client’s profiles on exclusive dating apps where they can find genuine matches who are ready for commitment. The dating apps help matchmakers get more clients because most of the people who hire a matchmaker are sick of swiping, scrolling, texting and getting cheated, and being ghosted. It requires time and in-person meeting to know people and dating apps lacks this element.


  • They know that good looks matter: Most people are looking for someone they are attracted to. If you are good-looking and well dressed, that’s the first impression you make on someone. People mostly tend to approach someone who is good-looking and attractive. Good looks are ranked no.1 on preferences for people and then come to a height. That’s why matchmakers have their own team of makeup and stylist. They chose what their client will wear on the date and what kind of makeup will go. They want their client to look the best and most appealing; then only they can see chances for a second date which can lead to their success.


  • Picky clients frustrate them: There is no such thing as perfect; no one is perfect, and everyone has flaws. Matchmakers hate when their client is so specific about the qualities they want in their match, they might also have emotional blocks that get in the way of finding love but matchmakers can use their psychological and therapist skills to improve that. But some clients are just too stubborn and picky that they turn down every potential date for ridiculous reasons. Matchmakers face trouble in encouraging clients to stay open to all the possibilities of finding love. 

  •  They look for common interests: Matchmakers generally look at the age range, lifestyle, appearance, family, location, and education. They think that compatibility is the base of a healthy relationship. The couple can have a topic to discuss if they have the same interests. But they also know that having common interests with your partner is good but sometimes. It becomes the reason for an unhealthy relationship. You don’t have to share the same hobby as your partner. Interests can come and go but sharing the same core value is important. You should know how to love yourself first, take time for your personal growth, having an individuality that is attractive.

  • They have a writer who writes the text to send to your matches: As you know that matchmakers do all the leg work for you including texting and setting up a date etc. When they search for your match on any online site they are the ones to text them being you and build a conversation. They have a writer to script your whole texting and dating process. Some people really don’t know how to text and flirt with someone and approach someone. Matchmakers are smooth-talkers; they build a very impressive conversation. They always end the conversation with a question so that you sound interesting and eager to know about your match.
  • They are good at networking: The matchmakers love meeting people, listening to and talking to them, and finally pairing them together brings them joy and inspiration. The matchmakers are extroverts and highly confident when approaching new people. They are okay with embarrassing themselves in front of a stranger to see if they are a suitable match for you. They rely on their networks of family and friends and research their clients and their potential matches.

  • They weed out people who don’t match their mission: Some clients hire a matchmaker but they actually don’t want any relationship but want casual hookups. If someone has a violent history related to past relationships they don’t take them on and refuse to provide services. They don’t waste time on unnecessary people who are irritating.


Matchmakers are really skilled and have keen observation of everything. It is not an easy task to find someone’s love of their life, it’s 24 hours of work and they need to be very attentive. There are some techniques and science they put in their work but that is their secret. They have invested their time and efforts in you and the services to provide you with the best dating experience. They have got to be very smooth with their work. It is all about years of experience in the same field. Matchmakers are not gods, but they have a lot of skills to see your potential match. The truth about matchmaking is that it only works. If you have reasonable expectations no matter how much you pay a matchmaker. 

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