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The Health Benefits of Sports Exercise in Sport for Ordinary People

Health Benefits: The intensity of exercise sport and of competition over the years has demanded great advances in sports professionalism a scientific approach to sport vital to monitoring and improving performance has been made. The growing number of posts for graduate qualifications is reflected in British expertise in sport and exercise science. And they offer the chance to study new and exciting developments, as well as providing many great career opportunities. That’s one reason why we add sports short articles and exercise articles about sports to our site.

There is growing evidence today of an unprecedented sporting boom in exercise sports. And we see odd enquiries for kick boxing health benefits which confirms that exercise sport has now gained a much wider recognition and status. The evidence is that sports stories have moved from the back to the front pages of newspapers and commercial interest continues to grow. Sport’s rapid rate of expansion has spawned a huge volume of academic and scientific research. This continuing inquiry supports exercise sport and by developing and spreading knowledge to benefit everyone, from professional athletes to Sunday league footballers.

As an area of professional expertise, British sports and exercise science is now held in extremely high esteem worldwide. “We are amongst the leaders in world sports and exercise science,” claims Professor Les Burnitz, Head of Exercise and Sports Science at Manchester Metropolitan University. “Part of the evidence for this can be seen at sports conferences worldwide. People are amazed at what we do. They look at our accreditation procedures and development schemes and try and foster these ideas in their own country.” It is this extensive knowledge base that has seen the proliferation of postgraduate courses in the last five years, with sports and exercise science fast becoming one of the most popular developing subjects.

In this day and age, the message of the health benefits of sports exercise. Health and nutrition are being widely propagated. The media have taken a large slice of responsibility for this thankfully, the education system also and of course via exercise sport articles. More and more Doctors are now prescribing exercise as a preventative measure against diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. We hope our sports articles and advice on health and nutrition will also help to get the message across.

A range of higher degrees specializing in exercise sport and sport science, physical education and human movement have further contributed to our collective knowledge of the benefits of sport and exercise to our health. Recent research has provided compelling evidence. That good physical exercise and sport is positively associated with decreased morbidity and mortality.

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These days most people are aware that regular exercise. And sport will function to keep the heart and cardiovascular systems in good health. A large study involving over 13000 men and women at the Institute of Aerobics Research in Dallas, Texas, found that fitter 40-year-old had a notably reduced incidence of cardiovascular disease. Further, the study found that there was a dramatically decreased risk of death. Or illness from all types of cancers, directly proportional to fitness level. There have been suggestions that this correlate to the positive effect of regular sporting activity on the body’s immune system.

Regular sport and exercise are clearly important to health. Increasing muscle tone, strengthening the heart, decreasing blood pressure, building bone mineral density. And warding off diseases such as cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. Regular exercise or sport improves feelings of well-being, decreases depression, aids sleep. And increases our capacity to deal with daily life and life events. Participation in team sports can have additional health benefits.

The interaction and cooperation required in team exercise sports such as basketball, touch football or even team cycling or doubles tennis can promote a sense of belonging and provide a network for social activity. Even when played at a social level. Team exercise sport can be great drivers in building a person’s self-esteem. And they provide a positive outlet for energy. Friendships among teammates can last many seasons and may well stretch beyond the sporting arena. All of these factors contribute positively to the mental health of participants. But perhaps just as importantly. The social factor in team sports can encourage individuals to persist with exercise. Motivating them to achieve the physical and psychological benefits outlined above.

With the wealth of evidence to support the incorporation of exercise and sport into daily life. One must still remember to consult a doctor before commencing any exercise program to ensure there are no contraindications to exercise. Once underway, the benefits of regular sport or general exercise will be felt both in the short term and long term.

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