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Tennis Betting Tips and Strategies You Need to Know

Tennis Betting Tips: Tennis tournaments are very popular throughout the year for at least 11 months, providing a large selection of games to bet and trade pre-match and in-game. Betting markets are often liquid and lively. However, tennis betting has 22Bet  not been very popular due to the popularity of in-play and live streaming, which has resulted in many tennis betting clients betting on pre-match and live tennis sports.

Basic tennis betting advice

If you need some basic tennis betting advice – here are some things that you need to remember before placing any bets. Thinking about all these factors can get you backing more winners and less losers!


Our first piece of tennis betting advice – make sure you think about the surface the match is being played on. There are dozens of players out there, especially clay court players, who struggle to adapt to other surfaces.

For example, when the American hard-court season is coming up, there will be a number of players who get into the events thanks to their good clay court records, but they can’t handle the faster, bouncier, hard courts. Learn how your player’s cope. One of the things we are working on is a ranking system for different surfaces. It’s so important to know which players like which type of court.


Point number two in our tennis betting advice. Be careful when looking at players who are returning from a long lay-off, or who have done really well in the previous week’s tournaments. Players coming back from injury or a break are never at their sharpest, especially in early round matches.

In contrast, players who have won the previous week’s even often struggle – they are both physically and mentally tired, and they might have celebrated too much too! So make sure you keep a careful eye on the time since their last match, and their recent form.


You love watching tennis right? So here’s part three of our basic tennis betting advice. Learn about players’ strength and weaknesses. You’ll find players who have strong serves as the key part of their game, while others will try and win points through rallies.

If you have a weak server versus someone who is good at returning serve, you have a great matchup for a winning tennis bet.


Sometimes it is worth searching around for the best odds for a match. So our final piece of basic tennis betting advice is to make sure you look around and see where you can find best odds. Opening accounts at more than one place is usually advisable.

Interpreting statistics and creating a form

When choosing a player to favor in a tennis match, it is important that you do a background study on the player to see how relevant or form the player is. A tennis player could have five years of bad form at a particular tournament, so they were irrelevant. The player could also have suffered a dip in form and as a punter it is important to understand the reason behind this. Such as nursing an injury, not in the public domain. Therefore, it is important to interpret the players’ stats and current form to determine the one most likely to emerge victorious.

Take advantage of the pre-match drifters

Usually, the odds of the players change significantly. This could be due to fitness issues or in the case of a medical time-out in the last round. Another factor is motivation, where there is a stigma attached to most players that makes them care less, especially in smaller tournaments. Whenever a player is not interested in winning, it becomes problematic to bet on such a match. Therefore, it is important to use such pre-match drifters as a better to become the most likely player to win the tournament even with bad previous results.

Sets of bets

Betting on a specific score is the same as betting on the final score of the game. The bettor bets on the score determined by the bettor betting on the number of sets won by the winner in tennis. This is the best way to bet, especially when you know the abilities of the players. Especially when a certain player is overlooked as less popular due to low starts early in the game.

Tennis betting rules

The sport of tennis offers a large number of variables and additional markets compared to any other form of sport. If one wants to maximize his profits with minimal risks. He should formulate a tennis betting strategy based on strict discipline and a combination of scientific theory. Below are some tennis betting rules that a better should strictly follow:

  • Only bet if there is significant value
  • Always specialize
  • Open accounts with different bookmakers
  • Always keep a record of every tennis bet
  • Look for a suspicious seed
  • Understand returning and serving
  • Be aware of play styles
  • Analyze surfaces
  • Follow the tennis tips

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