Why Prenatal Care Is Essential for A Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings tremendous changes physically as well as mentally. Women need to be cautious about their health along with the new life growing inside them.

The best approach is consulting the healthcare providers for the right care. Seeking assistance from the best obstetricians in Melbourne can help women receive prenatal care throughout pregnancy. Doctors take care of the women and a growing child with regular check-ups and recommend healthy eating plans.

Prenatal care reduces the risk of severe complications during each trimester. It allows the OBs to diagnose, treat, and manage health conditions before they become worse. This care can begin even before conceiving the baby. Doctors recommend taking certain supplements for good health.

Indeed, getting regular prenatal care results in a healthy and safe pregnancy. Here we are with this blog to cover what actually is prenatal care, what can be expected in this care, and how important it is. Let’s start!

What Is Prenatal Care?

Prenatal care is the medical care that the women and their growing babies receive from the best obstetricians throughout the pregnancy. It includes important tests which help to diagnose health issues early and prevent further complications in pregnancy and childbirth.

So, as soon as women realize their pregnancy, they must schedule an appointment with the best obstetricians serving in the hospitals in their preferred location. Typically, OBs will ask for the first prenatal appointment around 8 weeks of pregnancy. The schedules will be as follows:

  • Till week 28: 1 visit in a month
  • From weeks 28 to 36: 1 visit every 2 weeks
  • From weeks 36 to 40: 1 visit each week

The obstetricians will ask for more visits if there will be any pre-existing health issues. High blood pressure and diabetes are most common, especially if the age of the woman is over 35.

What To Expect at A Prenatal Visit?

How many times women need to visit or what type of exam is required completely depends on the stage of the pregnancy. The changes will vary from the first trimester to the third trimester.

The first prenatal visit will primarily include the study of the medical history of a pregnant woman. Doctors will likely perform physical exams and necessary tests, allowing obstetricians to analyze the growth of infants and the signs of any complications in pregnancy. These tests might include:

  • Ultrasound: To check the position and growth of the baby in the uterus. Also, it helps determine the due date.
  • Glucose test: For diagnosing gestational diabetes.
  • Blood test: For checking normal fetal DNA in a woman’s blood.
  • Amniocentesis: To look for any birth defects and genetic health issues.
  • Nuchal translucency test: To monitor the problems with a child’s genes.
  • Fetal echocardiography: For close monitoring of a growing infant’s heart.
  • The most important blood test for anemia is as most women during pregnancy struggle with iron deficiency.
  • Another blood test to track any chronic health conditions a woman had before conceiving.

Importance Of Prenatal Visits For Every Pregnant Woman

Reduces Pregnancy Complications

Most pregnancies proceed smoothly, but some unnoticed health issues can end up with severe complications in pregnancy. Regular prenatal care can prevent those problems that might be risky.

Women can opt for the best obstetrician in Melbourne for the proper prenatal check-ups and get thoroughly knowledgeable about the labor time and delivery procedure. This will help the women select the type of delivery they want to go through. Additionally, they can discuss their issues and ask any questions, stressing them.

Moreover, prenatal care lets the OBs detect issues early like gestational diabetes before it becomes the root cause of any health complications.

Receives Proper Nutritional Information

During pregnancy, a woman’s diet needs to have some changes to meet the nutritional requirement of the growing baby. Consult the best obstetricians in Melbourne and get a well-balanced diet chart.

Doctors will advise with the proper information about eating healthy foods, providing great benefit to the health of the child for the nine months. In addition, they will recommend what type of food to avoid during pregnancy.

Moreover, there are many women who believe the saying that women need to eat for two. This is completely a myth, so eat as much as the amount that is required by getting the right diet chart during a prenatal visit.

Undoubtedly, it is very essential for all pregnant women to strictly follow the nutritional addition made by OBs in diet plans. This will assure the great health of a woman and a growing baby. Thus, preventing any health issues due to nutrient deficiency.

Prevents Birth Defect Risks

Prenatal care is effective in reducing the risk of fetal diseases. If women do not avoid consuming alcohol and smoking, there might be a high chance of sudden infant death syndrome. Intake of alcohol can lead to several birth defects in the growing baby. Those deformities include abnormal facial features, intellectual disability, organ growth on the outside of the body, and issues with kidneys, bones, and the heart.

Prenatal care is a must for the prevention of such severe birth defects. The obstetricians educate about how to take care of the baby by quitting unhealthy lifestyles. Also, they help track the health progress of the infants and their rate of development. This can seem like a great indicator of the good well-being of the child.

Provides Necessary Tests Opportunity

Prenatal examinations typically mean the testing of the embryo for any complications that might negatively impact the baby’s health. Also, the tests can help diagnose the risks to pregnant women, such as miscarriages, maternal death, and molar pregnancy.

These prenatal exams even check for fetal malformations which include spinal Bifida, clenched fist, club foot, etc. Usually, obstetricians perform the tests by analyzing the amniotic fluid or umbilical cord. They go for Amniocentesis in the second trimester which is helpful in detecting infection or genetic defects like Down’s Syndrome.

Note that, prenatal tests are very vital in Rh sensitization cases where the blood group of a growing fetus is different from a mother.

Summing Up

Keep in mind that each visit to the obstetrician counts! Even if the pregnancy of the woman reaches a little far, still prenatal care is important. It’s never late to seek help, so schedule an appointment with the best obstetricians in Melbourne, today only.

Women taking no right prenatal care are most likely to end up having low birth weight and childbirth complications. Seeing OBs regularly assure having the healthiest and safest pregnancy possible.

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