6 Things To Plan For When Finishing Your Basement

Unfinished basement space is ideal for storage, but not much else! Choosing to invest funding into basement remodeling leesburg va is a great way to increase the square footage of your home by turning the basement into a crafting room, theater, playroom, or guest bedroom! Of course, apart from the obvious advantage of having extra space in your home, a finished basement enhances the actual value of your property should you look to sell. Before getting started, here are six things you should plan for!

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1. Good ROI

According to a national survey, most homeowners can see a return on their investments of 75 cents for every dollar invested into their basements. When listing your property on the market, this is a clear path to financial gain, but a finished basement significantly increases functionality and storage.

2. Add Natural Lighting

As basements tend to remain dark and hidden, natural light sources are a must! This means finishing the area with additional doors and windows is a worthy consideration. Optimally, these other light sources should be cut before remodeling work diminishes dust and debris. You will also need a professional look at the walls and determine if they’re structurally sound enough for additional windows.

3. Plan For Moisture Elimination

There needs to be more than a dehumidifier to address moisture problems in a basement adequately. A dehumidifier can make things worse! A better option is planning for a good ventilation system to diminish moisture and to have a drainage system in place that redirects water away from the roof and foundation. Lastly, make it a point to install breathable insulation and a vapor retardant that can lessen the humidity in the walls and the foundation of the basement.

4. Check Your HVAC

As you finish your basement, the new space must have heating and cooling functionality. It’s crucial, however, to double-check that your current HVAC system setup can accommodate the additional load. If it can’t, forcing it beyond its capacity can significantly shorten its lifespan.

5. Test For Radon

As radon is a harmful odorless radioactive gas that comes from the soil, finishing your basement may expose you and your family to it. It’s crucial to have your home tested for radon by a professional contractor, even if home-based tests are available. It is possible to mitigate radon by sealing off cracks and crevices while installing a good ventilation system.

6. Plan For Emergencies

Have an emergency escape route that makes it easy to exit your finished basement. For example, many codes require egress windows for the basement to be considered a bedroom. These windows need to have a hole large enough to accommodate people exiting and firefighters entering in case of an emergency fire in the residence. In addition, having an egress window makes it easy to exit in case of a fire if the stairwell is blocked and the home is mostly on fire. A hinged outside access to doors is another option to consider for a safer finished basement.

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