Aromatic Basmati Rice is Number One Choice in Australia

Basmati rice from India has become very popular in Australia in the last decade. Usually, people in Australia prefer to eat bread, but now they have also started experimenting with other grains like aromatic basmati rice. There has been a lot of emigration in Australia of people of Indian origin who have adopted Australia as their new home. It’s not as if all these people went from India only because they came from virtually every part of the world. Moreover, native Australians have also started consuming more rice because of its amazing health benefits.

However, Australia needs to produce more rice to fulfill all its requirements. They mainly import the best variety of rice from countries like India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. However, Indian rice is more popular in Australia because of its high quality. People outside India usually consider a particular variety as the true Basmati if sourced from India.

Basmati rice from India is packed with ingredients like fiber, vitamins, and minerals and has a lower GI than other types of rice. Now everyone knows the importance of fiber in maintaining a healthy weight and controlling their sugar level. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Basmati variety rice from India is the number one choice for people with diabetes. By nature, Australians are very health-conscious and realize the benefits of consuming a healthy grain.

Which is the best Indian basmati rice in Australia?

In the last few decades, there has been a lot of emigration of Indians to Australia. Not only native Indians but even from countries such as the USA, Canada, and the UK, many Indians have made Australia their new home. People from India have entered different fields in Australia, such as business, politics, judiciary, medicine, academia, science, and performing arts.

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) 2021 census, 783,958 people have declared their Indian background, which is 3.1% of the Australian population. Besides, many Chinese, Greek, Pakistani, and Turkish in Australia prefer rice. Moreover, Australia is a country of emigrants because almost 75% of people come from other countries.

Rice production in Australia

The Australian climate, soil, and water could be more suitable for growing the crop of rice. Therefore, there is a lot of fluctuation in rice production in a country like Australia. It would be best to have a typical soil and climate to grow the best variety of Basmati, which is only available in a country like India.

The showing season for rice in Australia begins from October to December, and the crop is usually harvested from March to May in places such as southern New South Wales. Rice is comparatively a minor crop in Australia because it only contributes around 0.4% of the total value of agricultural production as per data in 2017–18 (ABS 2019a). It’s also true that in Australia, whatever rice is produced is mainly medium-type grain. Consumers do not prefer such a variety of rice; therefore, most are exported. It is the main reason behind the popularity of Indian Basmati rice in Australia.

Why is Basmati the King of Rice?

The word Basmati originates from the Hindi language. It contains two smaller dishes, Bas and Mati. Bas in Hindi means aroma, while Mati stands for virgin. The cultivation of the Basmati variety of rice began in 1933 at the Agricultural research station in central Punjab. The array further evolved into the Super Basmati rice in 1996, famous for its long grain and rich aroma, especially if your rice is procured from the Kallar region of Punjab.

True Basmati variety can be easily identified by its nutty taste and unique texture, making it ideal for the most popular base for rice dinners. Basmati is available in both brown and white colors. Brown basmati type rice is whole-grain rice, unlike its white counterpart, because it contains a germ and bran coating. If you wish to prepare the most delicious rice, you should carefully follow the cooking process of true Basmati rice.

Which basmati rice is most aromatic?

Basmati’s variety of rice from India is known for its rich aroma. However, every array has a different fragrance because it differs from brand to brand. In Australia, you can easily get all the top brands outside India, and it’s one of the biggest consumers of the Basmati variety.

Suppose you are looking for the most aromatic Basmati variety of rice. In that case, you will have to visit a nearby department store or a grocery shop in Australia and find all the top brands like Daawat, Alishaan, and India Gate. These brands of rice are among the most aromatic Basmati-type rice.

How do Australians enjoy Basmati type Rice?

Basmati rice syncs well with Thai and Southeastern dishes. However, Australians prefer to eat it with several soups and stir-fries. Some of Australia’s most popular rice recipes that match well with Basmati-type rice include Thai Basil Chicken and Instant Pot Thai Green Curry.

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