8 Myths About Stationery Boxes and How to Overcome Them? 8 Tips

Do you wonder about the myths regarding Stationery boxes and look for their resolution? Here is a guide to all those misconceptions with effective tackling solutions. The Stationary boxes are, no doubt, an ideal solution for packing all your edibles, candies, and gift products. They are the best choice to add elegance, sophistication, and smartness to the product display on retail shelves. The personalized and high-end designs are easy to print on them as they show compatibility with all the printing methodologies.

They never fail to imprint the desired impression on the audience when printed with fascinating colors and pictorial illustrations. You are free to modify their shape and style as per the occasion specifications as they are quite flexible.

Merits of Stationery Boxes:

Because of the availability of different customization options and high-end printing, you can decide on the look of Custom Stationery boxes. You might be a potential customer of these boxes, but certain myths can result in misleading.

The suppliers are making efforts on their end to eradicate these confusions to help in making the right decisions. But, still, there remain some misconceptions that need to be clarified for better results. In this write-up, we will talk about all those apprehensions and try to resolve them through some logical evidence.

Available in the only standardized form:

There is a possibility that the custom Stationery boxes are made from the same kind of material. But, they never look like other packages that are always in a standardized form. The conventional packages do not give you too many options to reflect the personality of your products. For that very reason, you always see them in some standard sizes, shapes, and styles.

The Custom stationary boxes allow you to get creative with special customization features. You can transform them into a bauble, deer, tree, star, or any other shape to indicate your products’ relevance. As every limited-edition product has its specifications, these packages also let you select the size and style accordingly.

Low-quality material usage:

There exists a great misconception among people that customized Stationery boxes utilize low-quality material in their preparation. But there are no ground realities that support this belief of the marketplace. These packages involve the operation of corrugated cardstock in their making, which is high-quality and strong enough against external damages.

The material choice varies according to the genre of items being packed for effective results. It is, for this reason, they are made from cardboard and Kraft sheets as well, which are both sturdy. To overcome this myth, you need to educate people about the quality of materials being used in making packages.

They incur higher prices:

People often believe that the printing costs of packages eat up a major portion of the budget. One must remember that the printing costs are very low for Stationery boxes wholesale. Of all the costs involved in the production of a box, printing costs constitute only a minimal proportion of the budget.

Yes, you need to pay for the artwork and printing plate charges, but they are only a single-time investment. The plates are reusable for an indefinite time and provide excellent results every time. Communicate this vital information with the clients so that they make corrective decisions in this aspect.

Incompatible with custom printing:

Several people have confidence in the incompatibility of Custom stationery boxes with printing methods. The textural look of cardboard-built boxes might be a reason for that. Whatever the reason, the fact is that they have an incredibly smooth texture that is never incompatible with printing. This smooth texture lets the distribution of printed inks be even on the surface. The result is a visually prominent and pleasing printed design that catches the eyes at the very first encounter.

Impractical or non-functional:

Wrap rage is a feeling that is invoked among consumers, especially when they interact with highly impractical packaging. The custom Stationery boxes are highly functional, so the concept that they cause customer dissatisfaction is completely ruled out. They come in so many interactive styles and closures, but none of them promote a negative customer experience.

The closure options, such as straight tuck end, magnetic closing, reverse tuck end, etc., are so smooth and practical. They also come with handling mechanisms that make the targeted audience feel convenient and satisfied.

Limited printing colors:

Custom stationery boxes are often in their novel brown color because this way, they are easy to recycle. This kind of appearance leads to the concept that these boxes are available in only certain colors. Some cutting-edge techniques like digital printing are available with more than one color option.

CMYK and PMS are color models that allow you to select colors that reflect your brand persona. The outer appearance can also be customized to have some red and white themes for showing relevance to Christmas. Custom-printed ring packaging with different color options are the only way to rule out this misconception.

Restricted use of designs:

For the past few months, this myth has been circulating in the market. The fact that some conventional packages come in rote and repetitive designs does not mean that Custom stationery boxes have limited designs.

Several different techniques like die-cut technology can be utilized for giving them any shape that satisfies their specific needs. You can cut any pattern in some circular patterns on the front-facing side of the packages. One can also cut some square, rectangular, and other designs on the sides or lid of these packages.

A lot of resources for production:

Some people believe that the production of Custom stationary boxes utilizes a lot of resources. But, as per the research statistics, they significantly lower the number of carbon compounds emitted into the atmosphere. The cardboard is not bad at all for the environment because it is easy to degrade and offers a recycling option.

The recycling property help in saving a huge number of natural resources and contracts down the release of methane. It is lighter in weight as well which results in minimal fuel consumption and lower carbon footprints. To eradicate this misunderstanding, it is vital to reflect the ecological nature of the packages by labeling some specific signs.


There is a never-ending list of myths about Stationery boxes, and often the manufacturers find it tough to overcome them. These packages are printable, customizable, and made from high-quality materials that are vital for product promotion and business growth. For overcoming this challenge of clearing the misconceptions, try educating the customers as possible.

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